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In November of 2017 I did business with Curtis Nalley and Lending America. Curtis granted me a bridge loan in order to bring my credit score up by temporarily paying down some credit cards. At first Curtis and I got on the phone with Capital One, where I have two accounts, and he made two large payments to them via a three way call with Capital One, Curtis and myself.

All was well until I checked a week later and saw they reversed his payment for some unknown reason. He promptly sent me via PayPal almost $8,000 in order to pay the two bills again. Just like that. I could have easily kept the money and basically left him hanging. He knew this. He did it without hesitation anyways. I was impressed and a bit blown away that he would care so much about his client he never met!

Needless to say, everything worked out great! I received about $35,000 in funding, paid him back and now I can invest in my business! There is no way this would've happened without his help.

I almost want to figure out something I need funding for JUST to work with him again. I will be back for his services and in the meantime spreading the word about Curtis Nalley and Lending America.

Lending America