Lending America LLC provides unsecured lines of credit and unsecured term loans to provide financing for your education.

We offer the best funding you can possibly qualify for.


1. Go get your credit report at Credit Check Total. Click here to go to CreditCheckTotal.com.  Create your account and signup for a free seven day trial. You can cancel your account after you get your pre-approval back. Below you’ll see a short tutorial on how to download a PDF version of your credit report.

2. Fill out the form to the right and upload your credit report. (ProCredit does not provide any information in your credit report that can be compromised such as an SSN or specifics on identity or accounts.)

3. Submit your form. Pre-approvals will be sent to you within 24-72 hours.

View the Images Below On How To Download Your Credit Report

Credit Report Website
Credit Report
Credit Report
Credit Report
Experian Credit Check
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    Submit Your Info Below to Get A Pre-Approval From Lending America LLC within 2 business days.

  • Below is Optional to Submit Taxes or W2s and Paystubs

    You may get up to 75% more in financing by submitting your last two years of taxes for those that are self-employed, or your most recent W2 and last 2 pay stubs if you are employed.

In November of 2017 I did business with Curtis Nalley and Lending America. Curtis granted me a bridge loan in order to bring my credit score up by temporarily paying down some credit cards. At first Curtis and I got on the phone with Capital One, where I have two accounts, and he made two large payments to them via a three way call with Capital One, Curtis and myself.

All was well until I checked a week later and saw they reversed his payment for some unknown reason. He promptly sent me via PayPal almost $8,000 in order to pay the two bills again. Just like that. I could have easily kept the money and basically left him hanging. He knew this. He did it without hesitation anyways. I was impressed and a bit blown away that he would care so much about his client he never met!

Needless to say, everything worked out great! I received about $35,000 in funding, paid him back and now I can invest in my business! There is no way this would've happened without his help.

I almost want to figure out something I need funding for JUST to work with him again. I will be back for his services and in the meantime spreading the word about Curtis Nalley and Lending America.

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